Remotely Accessing Matlab

This article uses x11 graphical forwarding over ssh which was used prior to the implementation of remote desktop apps.

Unless you are specifically learning about x11 forwarding and ssh for a class, it is far easier to use one of the alternative methods such as remote desktop or the Matlab Online at UCSB portal.

To access Matlab from a CSIL box from your own computer follow these steps:

  1. Open terminal
  2. Enter the following:

    ssh -Y "/ece/bin/"

    CoE_username: is your College of Engineering username
    csil: is the name of load balanced solution that should be used for all ssh classroom and lab needs for Computer Science. If you are not part of CS, use

  3. Enter your CoE password

NOTE: If you are on an Apple device (iMac, Macbook, etc.), please make sure you have xQuartz installed and are running the terminal from the This will allow the graphical rendering to be forwarded from CSIL to your computer's display. For instructions on installing xQuartz, please see: How to do X11 Forwarding on a Mac


  • Use Remote Desktop to graphically connect to a computer and completely avoid having to use x11 forwarding
  • Go to the UCSB Matlab Online portal at: Matlab Online at UCSB
  • Install Matlab: Getting MatLab