Unable to log into GitHub

github.ucsb.edu run by the College of Engineering for Engineering Students was replaced in 2020 with a different version of Github run by Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) and open to all UCSB students.  Please see https://github.com/ucsb/github-guide for support please contact ETS/ITS directly at https://www.it.ucsb.edu/help-support/it-services-catalog

Any active UCSB student, faculty, or staff that works directly in support of students’ education is eligible for a UCSB GitHub account.

They can log in using their UCSBnetID Username and Password to access GitHub.

Due to the licensing requirements for GitHub, we can only offer the service to active UCSB Student, Faculty or Staff members.

If you are not one of the above, you will need permission from a UCSB Department member, under their sponsorship a guest/affiliate UCSBnetID can be made through the Identity Annex. 

Refer to: https://www.identity.ucsb.edu/ucsbnetid/faq


You tried to log onto https://github.ucsb.edu and your credentials don't work


See: https://github.com/ucsb/github-guide/blob/master/README.md

https://github.ucsb.edu only accepts UCSBnetID Credentials for linking.

If you are not affiliated with UCSB as outlined at Can I use GitHub on github.ucsb.edu?, you will not be able to access UCSB's GitHub on https://github.ucsb.edu

The most common mistake we have seen is people using the wrong credentials on https://github.ucsb.edu.

You should be using your UCSBnetID Account Username and password to link to your personal github account.


If your UCSBnetID account is jdoe, the username would be jdoe and the password would be your UCSBnetID Account's password.

If you are unsure what your UCSBnetID Password is, you can reset it at https://im.ucsb.edu/idm/manage for your account.

Please also note that you are creating/using a personal Github account and then linking it to the UCSB Github through single sign in (SSO)

Password reset for your personal Github account via recovery email is at: https://github.com/password_reset

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