Here are some GitHub related FAQ pages for the College of Engineering. run by the College of Engineering for Engineering Students was replaced in 2020 with a different version of Github run by Enterprise Technology Services (ETS/ITS) and open to all UCSB students.  Please see

Below are some links that further describe the service here at the College of Engineering, UCSB, copyright policy, and general GitHub usage.

As a disclaimer, we are maintaining pages about GitHub in our Knowledge Base solely so members of the College of Engineering can easily find information. We do not run the service anymore and if there is any disagreement between what is posted here and what is posted on please take what is posted by ETS/ITS as the current correct answer, especially if it is something that can change based on policy decisions from ETS/ITS like max repo size, acceptable names for sub organizations, etc..

 For more information please contact ETS/ITS or email