Hardware Support

The Engineering Computing Infrastructure (ECI) Support has limited support with regards to hardware at this time.

What this means is we can do the following:

  • Troubleshoot Hardware Issues.
  • Diagnose Hardware Related Issues.
  • Recommend Hardware based on needs. (Server, Desktop or Laptop as well as accessories)

What ECI can not do:

  • Repair computer or its components. (Computers not under warranty cannot be supported at this time.)
  • Service computers that are not maintained by ECI. (This also includes personal computers/laptops)
  • Repair or Service Printers.
  • Provide hardware or cables for systems. (IE: Ethernet cables, hard drives, adapters, etc.)
  • Hard Drive Failures (There is currently no on campus service that is able to do Hard Drive Data Recovery or repair hard drives)
  • Loaner Computers

For alternatives, at a price, you can go to:

The above listed are not the only places you can get repair services for hardware, but the 'easiest' to locate or identify.

Not all places will also have what you maybe looking for onhand, so it can take longer to get things resolved.

The UCSB Bookstore is an Apple Certified Repair location for Apple Warranty repairs, however is not listed as such on the Apple Public portal since it is under Apple's Academic licensing.