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This is meant to be a helpful list of links, not a replacement for attending orientation. This is simply the most commonly asked for information in one handy location. Please contact your departmental representative for more detailed help and instructions.

Some Common Questions and Answers That Can Be Found in Our Knowledge Base

Is there once single location where I can check my Engineering Email, manage my account, and find helpful information?

You can find it at Engineering Computer Infrastructure Home Page -

What is my College of Engineering Account (COE)?

The College of Engineering Account is how you sign onto engineering computers, get access to software and help.

It is different from your UCSBnetID, which is at the campus level.

See Who is eligible for an account on College of Engineering computers? and Computer Use Policy

Where do I go to create my COE account?

If you are having issues with any of the below direct links, please go to first then choose the appropriate link.

If you are employed by the College of Engineering or enrolled in College of Engineering classes it may be possible to create an account with your UCSBNetID and password at

You cannot create an account if you already have one.

If you are unable to create an account you will need your advisor, a staff member or the department MSO to create an account invitation for you at

Please note that there is up to a two week delay between when you sign up for classes and when you show up in the College of Engineering's system.

Accounts that are expired but not yet deleted will be renewed in the same timeframe.

Does my CoE account have an expiration date?

Yes, all accounts at UCSB have expiration dates. Accounts cannot be extended "indefinitely" or "to graduation" but can be extended automatically based on CoE class or research units or by annual request if still affiliated with the College of Engineering.

Please see: Account Extension and Common Account Expiration Questions and Answers

What is the default quota/account size for both space and number of files?

Default CoE quota is 6 GB and 100,000 files. Please see Why can't I login graphically? : Going over quota

Default Google Connect quota for 2024 for new accounts is 10Gb for Affiliates and Functional accounts and 20 Gb for students, staff and faculty.

please see:

What should I set as my incoming and outgoing mail server in my email client configuration?

Please refer to What should I set as my incoming and outgoing mail server in my email client configuration?

There is no email on my Engineering account / Forwarding Mail.

Please refer to There is no email on my Engineering Account.

Is my College of Engineering Account (COE) the same as Connect?

NO, You will have multiple accounts during your time at UCSB. While many of them will use the same portal to access their emails, on the back end, they are still separate and can have separate usernames, passwords and expiration dates. When you create a CoE account, you are automatically granted a Connect account by default if you do not already have one, or have an engineering aliases added to your Connect account if you already have a Connect account.

UCSBnetID = campus level services, Connect = campus wide email, CoE = College of Engineering level services. A few departments such as ECE still have departmental accounts separate from CoE for departmental level services.

I am off-campus or on wifi, how can I use computer resources that are restricted to campus IPs.

Please refer to VPN FAQ

I need to set up Multi Factor Authentication (DUO) in order to access various campus level services.

Please refer to getting started: mfa and duo

What software/textbooks/recording of classes can I get for free?

Please refer to  Where can I get software? and Alternatives to Digital Piracy 

This list only applies to the College of Engineering.

Individual departments may have additional software for department members.

Is there information about the College of Engineering Labs?

For CS, there is Introduction to the COE Labs - coelabs_CS_rev6(1).pptx

Also Instructional Labs and ECI Public Knowledge Base

Basic Terminal command guides: terminal_commands-1.pdf terminal_commands2-1.pdf vi-CheatSheet-1.pdf

Don't see it here?

More information is in our Knowledge Base.  Please take a look at

Non Engineering Sites I Should Know About

Where am I and How do I get where I need to go?

UCSB Interactive Map - or Static Maps UCSB_campus_maps.jpg    2022_COE_Building_Map_0.jpg

Virtual tours (not same as guided tour on interactive map) -

I need more space to store files?

Google Drive - - campus preferred solution available to all UCSB community members

Collaborate Box - - use may be restricted as it is run by Letters & Sciences

I need to reserve time on a super computer or GPU cluster and am not part of a department or lab group that has their own server(s)?

UCSB Center for Scientific Computing: and

Where can I get training?

UC Learning Center -

Above portal includes links to UCSB's subscription

Where can I check my admissions status?

UCSB students can check the status of their admission at the Student Affairs Admissions portal.  


UCSB does not use SMS/Text messages to convey admissions information. Be wary of scams!

Where new employees get Human Resources at the campus level?

Human Resources -

Where I can park and how much?

Transportation and Parking Services -

Where to activate your UCSBnetID and find people

UCSB Identity -

UCOP Computer Policy for Everyone and All Devices


UCSB Campus Level (non-Engineering) IT Resources

UCSB IT: IT Security for Students

UCSB IT: IT Security for Faculty and Staff

New Employee Checklist

Checklists for New Employees:

Be sure to talk to your hiring department and HR representative, fill out your paperwork, go to training, activate your UCSBnetID, and get your UCSB Access ID card.