COMSOL isn't connecting - Gives Licensing Error -15


You are trying to use COMSOL on your computer, but you are getting an error message:

License Error: -15.

Cannot connect to license server system.


Causes ordered from most likely to least likely.

  1. Your computer is on the Wireless Network.
  2. Your computer is not on Campus.
  3. Your license.dat file may have the incorrect port setting


For the first two, you will need to make sure you are using the UCSB Campus VPN on your computer.  You can get the Campus VPN Client at:

For the license.dat file, please verify that on the SERVER line in the license.dat file says the following:

SERVER <random text> 1719



where <random text> refers to the license server you are getting your license from. Different departments on campus may use different servers.