Where can I get software?

Here is a list of where you can get some of the software that UCSB can offer at this time...


This is currently offered to the entire UCSB Campus.  Please refer to:

Getting MatLab


This is currently offered to the entire UCSB Campus.  Please refer to:

Getting Mathematica

Microsoft Office

This is offered by ETS at the following link for students:

Free Access to Microsoft Office 365 Pro+

Non-student members of the College of Engineering may get office from other locations:

How do I get Microsoft Office?

Software Available only to Members of the College of Engineering

Faculty and Staff that are part of the College of Engineering will be able to download software from:


Please check the relevant pages in this knowledge base before installing software from the above portal.  Many installers have to be run in specific locations or have actions taken in specific order.

example: Office 2021 for Mac has two installers that BOTH need to be run. Signing in to Office 2021 after the serializer package has run will wipe the license key.

Adobe Software

The Campus Office of Software Licensing (COSL) has reduced cost volume purchased license of Adobe Acrobat Pro as well as the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software (20 different apps that does include Acrobat Pro).  It does require a recharge number per group/department to set up, but many CoE administrative groups and departments have already done this such as CoE Marketing/CORP/Dean's Area, CS, IEE, TMP, SSLEEC, etc... In which case adding a seat to an existing contract is as simple and contacting your MSO to arrange funding and having them add your email through the existing Adobe Admin Console for your group/department.


Other COSL Licensed Software

  • JMP - negotiated through UCOP
  • SAS - negotiated through UCOP
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - negotiated through UCOP
  • SPSS - site license negotiated by UCOP as part of the IBM ESSO agreement
  • Other software is available such as Filemaker, Maple and Qualtrics but require departmental permission or clearance from control points due to FERPA concerns.

All other software must be purchased by your Department/Principal Investigator/MSO or by yourself as licensing only permits the College to offer at this level.  You may want to refer to the UCSB Bookstore for other options.