How do I get Solidworks?

Solidworks has ended the unlimited offering of the student version that has been offered as a courtesy to our students. Effective July 1, 2021 MECE will no longer be offering the SolidWorks Student Design Kit for free. 

The instructional version installed on ECI lab computers MAY NOT be used for research. There is a separate research license.

 SDK info: Click here to expand...

SDK System Requirements:

You must be running a 64bit version of Microsoft Window. For more information please see Solidworks site.

Online Support:

Solidworks does not provide support for the Student Design Kit. The only support available for it is through their online forums. or

Installation instructions:

Once the SDK is downloaded you will need to register with Solidworks for the activation code.

Q: What limits does the Student Kit have?
A: This product may only be used by Students and Educators at these institutions on their own computers for purposes such as completing homework assignments, student projects and building your design skills using SOLIDWORKS software. There is also a watermark. Watermarks appearing in published research will result in a bill sent to you from Solidworks.