Getting MatLab

UCSB has a site license for MatLab on a Per-Computer (individual) basis.

What do you need?

  • A Valid UCSBNet ID Account
  • Network Access
  • Minimum of 10 Gigs of disk space
  • Minimum of 4 hours of uninterrupted internet access time.

How to get it?

You will first need to go to the UCSB Mathworks Site at:

 From there, you will want to click on the Get started today link under the Download MATLAB section.

You will be then asked to Log in with your MathWorks Account.

Scroll down a little lower and click on the Create Account link below, and create a Mathworks Account using your email address. (IE: or jdoe@(dept)

Fill out the rest of the information and from this point, follow the instructions given.


The MatLab installer will download the MatLab software onto your computer.  The MatLab software is about 7-8 Gigabytes in size, so depending on your network connection, this process can take up to 5 to 6 hours to download (Perhaps longer if you have a really slow connection).

It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a WIRED connection to get Matlab to minimize the time to download and avoid getting a bad download files and a corrupted install.

Activation of the MatLab Software also requires an Internet connection for verification, so you might not be able to run MatLab without an internet connection.

Personal computers owned by guests and visitors to UCSB are not covered by the licensing agreement. Desktops that are owned by UCSB and will stay at UCSB after the guest or visitor leaves are covered under the hosting department at UCSB.  

If you have any problems accessing the instructions or software, please contact the Campus Office of Software Licensing (COSL) at

Note: ALL Software downloads available ONLY from UCSB campus networks. If you are trying to download while connected to the campus wireless, you must use the campus VPN service (


  1. Read the instructions at
  2. Log in to your MathWorks Account at, that is associated with your University Email address. If you don’t have an account, create one using your University Email address.
  3. Follow the instructions you read in step 1. If the instructions say "no licenses available" you are not authorized to use this software on your personal computer.  Matlab is installed on most COE linux lab computers for instructional purposes.