I created an @<department>.ucsb.edu account, but it shows up as @ucsb.edu...


When you created your cs.ucsb.edu, or any other department account and send mail to others, it shows up as <ucsbnetid>@ucsb.edu when you send email out.


This is due to the College of Engineering making use of the UCSB Connect Mail Service.

When your College of Engineering account was created, a UCSB Connect Account was also created as part of the service if you did not already have one.

UCSB Connect accounts, by default, will use <ucsbnetid>@ucsb.edu as the email address for their service.

When you use the UCSB Connect GMail Webmail, you can set composing emails to default to the proper address by doing the following:

  1. Log onto your UCSB Connect Account through the Connect Web App
  2. Click on the Gear icon ()in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. From there, click on the tab that says Accounts and Import
  5. In the section Send mail as:, find the email address you wish to send as and click on make default.

For other mail clients, you will want to redo the account, making use of instructions mentioned here:

What should I set as my incoming and outgoing mail server in my email client configuration?

Note with regards to other Email Clients

Initially, you do not want to have the Email set as <ucsbnetid>@ucsb.edu, but the address it should be (IE: jdoe@cs.ucsb.edu)

The rest should use your <ucsbnetid>@ucsb.edu for username and use your ucsbnetid password for the password as the authentication.

If an alias does not show up

Sometimes for various reasons aliases do not show up as available under the connect settings

  1. First, in the compose window in connect make sure the alias actually exists by typing it.
    1. If you are expecting @<department>.ucsb.edu but only @engineering.ucsb.edu or @ucsb.edu shows up, your alias does not exist.
    2. This may be deliberate as some departments restrict who can use alias for their department such a requiring permission from the head of the department or the Connect Departmental Admin (CDA)
  2. If an alias exists but does not show up for you, it could belong to someone else. Aliases owned by the same person usually have the same profile picture.
    1. CoE normally restricts you to UCSBnetID@<department>.ucsb.edu aliases to avoid overlap as UCSBnetIDs are not reissued until a person has been gone more than 13 months.
    2. Some departments do not restrict usernames to UCSBnetIDs, hence why some departments require permission to use an alias to avoid conflicts.
  3. If an alias exist and is owned by you, you may need to be patient. It can take up to 30 minutes between when you create a CoE account and when you can use it
    1. If you try to use a CoE account too soon, things may break, such as not properly assigning an alias.
  4. If you are still having issues please contact your department's CDA or email help at engineering.ucsb.edu