What should I set as my incoming and outgoing mail server in my email client configuration?

The College of Engineering Departments is using UCSB Connect for Mail Services.

You can get the instructions on how to add your UCSB Connect Account here:

UCSB Connect Support Documents




The login you will be using is your UCSBNetID and your UCSBNetID Password.  On most of the clients, you can set the initial email as:

<your username>@engineering.ucsb.edu


<your username>@<department>.ucsb.edu

But you will need to use your UCSBNetID Password for the password.  The username should be:


Note with GMail and sending as another @<dept>.ucsb.edu

There is a current known issue right now that people who wish to use their personal GMail to send as <username>@<dept>.ucsb.edu cannot be configured and gives an error about authentication.

Please refer to the following Article: Unable to set Send As on Gmail for @cs.ucsb.edu.